UC to picket firms over Labour laws

By The Citizen

The Trade Union Congress on Tuesday said it would picket any company involved in the violation of Nigeria's labour laws.

The TUC National President, Mr Bobboi Kaigama, told the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja that the congress was determined to protect the right of every Nigerian worker.

He said that the congress had complained to the Ministry of Labour and Productivity over some of the excesses of the foreign companies, particularly the Chinese-owned companies.

Kaigama decried alleged incessant brutality of Nigerian workers by some of the companies.

'We are addressing that with the Federal Ministry of Labour; the notice has been sent to the ministry and they are aware of some of these problems.

'They are Nigerians' companies coming through the Chinese, if not so, why can't government fight for these citizens that are being molested on a daily basis by this companies.

'Those harassed and intimidated are Nigerians and no Nigerian company can go to China and operate with impunity in China without being punished or probably killed,'' he said.

Kaigama called on the law enforcement agencies to rise to the challenge of protecting Nigerians working for foreign firms.

'What I am assuring you is that we are working assiduously to see that the excesses of these Chinese companies are put on check.

'They have refused to allow their companies to unionise, their workers are not organised. This is one of the things we want to fight against,' he said.

Kaigama also decried a situation whereby foreigners were given jobs meant for Nigerians, even in the face of unemployment challenges in the country.

He called on the Nigerian Immigration Service to scrutinise visas issued to some of the foreigners.

'How can a foreigner come to Nigeria and be a driver or a cook and the immigration officers will allow them to stay in the country,' he queried. NAN