I Can Have Sex with Ramsey Nuoah on Set – April, New Tinsel Star

By Toun Egbemode
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I Can Have Sex with Ramsey Nuoah on Set – April, New Tinsel Star


Movies by Ramsey Nouah and John Dumelo Make Me Horny – April, New Tinsel Star


I Can Kiss Tonto Dikeh on Set – April, New Tinsel Star


I Can Do Nude Roles. It's Like Asking a Surgeon if They Can Perform Surgery. - April

Joju Muse popularly known as April is the latest addition to the Tinsel family. She's playing the role of Sammie – the hostess at Ziggies. To say she's ready to conquer the world is stating the obvious as April is ready for almost anything even sex with Ramsey Nouah on set. Yeah, you read that right, S.E.X on S.E.T

The 26 year old Public Administration graduate from Olabisi Onabanjo University, was at the office of iCampusNG where she spoke about getting horny watching John Dumelo and Ramsey Nuoah, getting a role on Tinsel and life as the black Sheep in the family of a one-time senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. OLUWATOSIN 'BREEZI' ADESANYA had a cosy time-out with her on iCampus' legendary couch.

See excerpts of the very revealing interview below…

How did you land a role in 'Tinsel'?
Tinsel was God-sent. It was like a movie. I was just chilling in my room when my supposed boyfriend in protégé pinged me and said someone needed my number, so I gave him expecting something nice. Later on, I got a call and immediately I heard, “Hello, I'm so and so calling from Tinsel…” I just hung up. I was like, “who the hell is pranking me?” Later on I figured out it wasn't a prank. I was happy and I'm still happy.

Can you play nude roles?
Of course I can, it's my job. It's just like asking a surgeon 'can you do surgery?' Whatever your job entails, do it. It's a character you are playing because in real life you might not go nude but if the character demands it, I will so do it, especially if the money is right.

Which Nigerian actor would you not mind kissing on set?
There are actually two of them; Ramsey Nuoah and John Dumelo. I'm so in love with both of them. Their movies hit the right spot.

Right spot? They make you horny?
Everything join together. [laughs]

So you don't mind a sex scene with Ramsey Nuoah?
A sex scene with Ramsey? Mehn, we are doing it for real. No acting, we will do it.

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