Unity Bank revives savings culture with 'Aim, Save and Win' promo

By The Citizen

Unity Bank has restored the savings culture among Nigerians with its recently concluded 'Aim, Save and Win' promo.

The Ibadan/Akure Zonal Manager of the bank, Mr. Isaac Tajomavwo, speaking while redeeming the bank's pledge to its customers at an event held in Ibadan, highlighted the importance of securing the future through savings, adding that debt burden was a direct result of  the inability to make sacrifice.

He said, 'The purpose is to restore savings culture in Nigeria. Studies through recent experiences have shown that the culture is being eroded in the country because our people no longer save their money. The importance of saving is huge in the life of human beings. To protect the future, it is essential to have a reserve and that is why savings culture should be encouraged and sustained.

'People borrow money and become debtors in order to pay school fees of their children and other things because they have no savings.

'Apart from this, we also introduced this project to give back to the society. Our star prize of new car was won by the Cooperative Society of the Nigeria, Immigration Service, Oyo State Command.'

The manager said the bank had recorded big success in retaining some of its old customers whose loyalty dated back to the days of Bank of the North before it was acquired by Unity Bank.

'The customers are the reason for our success and existence, and they deserve to be appreciated. Since the project began, we realised that savings culture is gradually returning because we encourage the people to put their money in the bank for a specific number of days,' he said.