Nigeria to bid for hosting rights of World School Debate

By The Citizen

Nigeria has qualified to bid for the hosting rights of the 2016 World School Debate.

The National Coordinator, President School Debate Nigeria, Mr. Dare Oritu, who stated this in Ilorin on Thursday, added that Nigeria had scaled through the partial bidding in Turkey.

According to him, based on Nigeria's outstanding performance, the country is to bid for the hosting right with Germany. He stated that the final bid contest would take place in Thailand.

According to him, the global debate is organised by the World School Debating Committee.

The 27-year-old organisation, he added, had its headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

Oritu said, 'We have been given the right to bid for the world debate hosting right. Not all the countries are given right to bid.

He said, 'because of the participation and commitment of Nigeria to the organisation, they sent a letter to us that we are qualified to bid. That is why I made the first partial bidding in Turkey.  They have given us support and what we are expected to do. We are working towards that.'