I Believe In Igbo Culture+Stop calling me a praise singer, Cynthomania cries out

Source: Nigeriafilms.com

Artistes are usually hammered because of the kind of music they do, which has become the case of Imo State born artistes cum fashion guru, Cynthia Akudo Jonah popularly known as Cynthomania aka Ada Owerri, who recently did a song titled 'Imo State Ebeano'.

The song which is already gaining massive airplay in all radio stations based in the state, has names of some politicians mentioned on its last verse and comments have been popping up calling Cynthomania the next political praise singer in town.

The Mbieri born artiste has however reacted to those statements, saying they are none her business.

She said “I wasn't hyping any politician nor party, I just did a song to talk about what I have seen presently in Imo State because it is much better than what it used to be”

Cynthomania who has been touring others states and countries for music and fashion also added that she did the song because she believes in the state and Igbo culture.

“Most people find it difficult to associate themselves with their state and culture, but I'm not that type. I'm proud of who I am and I if have another chance to hype my state or culture on a song, I'll gladly do it. People can talk, but I am neither politician nor praise singer but an artiste” She added.

Cynthomania already has three videos shot by each of Patrick Ellis, Clarence Peters and Kuty with of the tracks 'Love Nwantinti' done with Timaya.

Imo State Ebeano and Oringo are the two tracks Cynthomania is using to hit the eastern musical scene and soon the songs will be on every single blog rooted in all South East states and beyond.