Defections: APC In Diminishing Returns, Says PDP


BEVERLY HILLS, February 12, (THEWILL) - The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Wednesday dismissed as false alarm, the All Progressives Congress (APC) statement alleging that federal lawmakers were being induced with millions of dollars to defect to the PDP.

PDP in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, said 'Whilst we ordinarily should not dignify this sinking party, notorious for lies, deceit and propaganda with a reply, we are compelled to do so because their action is a direct attack on the basic fabric of our democracy.

' The ruling party stated further that 'All well meaning Nigerians are indeed worried by the statements and actions of the APC which are clearly aimed at destroying our democracy and plunging the nation into chaos.

' According to PDP, 'In alleging that lawmakers were being financially induced, the APC seeks to cast doubt in the minds of Nigerians regarding the integrity of duly elected persons, politicians and the entire democratic institution.

' Maintaining that 'Though this is a preposterous and cheap thesis by the APC to excuse and explain away the collapsing fickle fraud  upon which  its membership is built, ' the PDP said 'it is nonetheless a vicious attack on the citadel of democracy  and we call on the leadership and members of the National Assembly not to view the allegation as mere political statement.

' While urging the National Assembly to insist that the APC withdraws the allegation and apologise to the legislature and the entire nation, PDP said: 'The truth is that the APC has reached its peak.

Diminishing returns has set in and the party can only go down further.

It is a clear sign that it has exhausted all its strategies and now seeks to cover its premature boast  of majority in the National Assembly.

' According to PDP, 'The APC celebrated too early.
They have played all their cards and displayed all their tactics well ahead of the contest.

Theirs is a case of engaging in a marathon race as a sprint; a football team celebrating its mere appearance in the pitch far before the beginning of a match.

Now, they are weary and tired while the contest is yet to begin.

'At a point, in the mind of some sections of the public, the PDP got to its lowest level, but we remained focused.

  Despite the defections of lawmakers from our fold, the PDP never assaulted their integrity.

'There is no doubting the fact that the PDP under its new National Chairman, Alhaji Adamu Muazu is reaching out to all its members including those that defected in a reconciliation drive that is already yielding dividends.

'We are not surprised about the flurry of defections and return to our fold.

The PDP remains the only a national party while the APC is quasi national.

The PDP is owned equally by all its members irrespective of race and religion, the APC is owned by a tiny clique of civilian and civil-clothed dictators whose major agenda is to capture power for selfish ends and turn Nigeria to either old Sudan or Somalia.

' The statement maintained that 'The PDP is the only political party with a consistent structure, vision and achievements in the transformation of Nigeria since 1998.

' It said 'the APC is  a cacophonous amalgam of tribal and religious irredentists with no known vision or achievements in its earlier metamorphosis.

' The party said 'We are expecting more defections to the PDP.

We have consistently told Nigerians that the PDP would emerge from from its challenges a stronger party and this is what we are witnessing.