APGA UK Members To Note

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Dear APGA UK Members,
Greetings to you all, this is to inform our members and intending members about an impostor by name Mr Micheal Merenini an expelled member of our great APGA UK chapter that has been parading himself as the chapter chairman. His expulsion letter will be recirculated immediately.

APGA UK has no other Executive members except the one led by Owelle Onyeka Mbaso. We don't want to join issues with people that are political disasters with no locus stands in our great party. We want to remind them that political party is not a social club where you gather for merriments and constitute nuisance by blackmailing people. Rather a place to transform ideas into reality.

In politics we have to identify our aims and objectives of joining politics rather than being a political prostitute. I urge the general public not to be deceived by these political vultures parading themselves as APGA UK executives. This letter is to assure our great APGA members that APGA UK is in tact and our doors are open for progressive people that wants to join the chapter.

As you all are aware that I have been away to Nigeria with other APGA leaders to help our great APGA party retain Anambra state governorship seat. There will be (APGA) National convention in Awka on the 15th of February 2014 and APGA UK will be highly represented as usual.

I advise Nigeria citizens in the United Kingdom that wants to join APGA to register with APGA UK and ignore political vultures that have no Nigeria voters card. I also wants to inform our members that CHIEF SIR VICTOR UMEH is the authentic APGA National Chairman.

On behalf of APGA UK Executives I would like to thank our great APGA UK members for their commitment in promoting the image of our great party.

KOKORONKOO - OKE Adi Eri Ihe Onyemu Anya .
Owelle Onyeka Mbaso
APGA UK Chairman ( [email protected])