I would Give My Tithe To A Church That Caters For Its Members - Djinee Reveals

Source: Joy Akosa/Nigeriafilms.com

Osayamwen Nosa Donald, popularly known as Djinee,is a seasoned musician who has had a long and interesting career in the entertainment industry. He started off as a VJ with Soundcity, in a recent interview with Nigerian Tribune he reveals things about his way of paying tithe, he said music artiste Timaya taught him how to always pay his tithe.

” I would give my tithe to a church that caters for its members. Funny enough, if I tell you the person that really encouraged me to give my tithe, you wouldn't believe it.

It was Timaya. I know you will be stunned. A few weeks ago, I was in Business Class together with Timaya. We were chatting when he said that people do not understand why God blesses him. He said, he doesn't miss paying his tithe.

Yes. Let me put it this way. It was not that I wasn't paying before, but he encouraged me to give more. People wouldn't believe it. If you can get behind people's outer personae, you will see the real person. Timaya is really a good guy. In answer to your question, I want to make enough money to increase my tithes.”