Is Arsenal's Title Challenge Falling Flat On Its Face?


Things go from bad to worse for Wenger as he takes a hefty tumble after loss Arsenal's title challenge may not have fell flat on its face just yet after Manchester City's slight slip-up at Norwich, but their manager did take a tumble on his way back from the 5-1 defeat at Liverpool on Saturday.

Arsene Wenger, so often the cool, calm and collected Frenchman, slipped on his way into Liverpool Lime Street Station after the loss.

It was just one of those days for Wenger, who saw his side go 4-0 down within 20 minutes at Anfield.

They improved, however, and ended up drawing the second period 1-1, but with a tough run-in over the next month, plenty more slip-ups are inevitable.

Arsenal's next three games are Manchester United, Liverpool again in the FA Cup fifth round, and Bayern Munich, all at the Emirates Stadium.

Wenger knows there needs to be a big improvement for Wednesday's match against United.

'What is important is that we respond to that result, especially respond with a different performance because our performance overall was poor,' Wenger said.

'On the concentration level, on pace, on defensive stability, it was very poor and we always looked vulnerable.

'If you concede two early goals from set-pieces then you are in a position where you always have to come out.

'I just think the whole team have failed to turn up with the right performance.

We know that you need to be better focused at this kind of level.

' 'Overall our performance was just not good enough and I include myself in that performance.

'For me it is maybe better I don't talk too much, go home and respond better on Wednesday night.

'Congratulations to Liverpool.
They were the best team today and we were very poor - only our fans were good for 90 minutes.

' And it wasn't just the manager who slammed the hapless performance.

Goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny, who also conceded six at Manchester City in Decemeber, said on his Facebook page that it was 'f.

ing embarrassing' Per Mertesacker also apologised to the fans, who were in high spirits throughout the game despite the result.