Abuja High Court Judge In Land Grabbing Scandal

Source: Nigeriafilms.com

Wonders shall never cease to happen in Nigeria or what do you say when a revered person of a high court judge is being found wanting in a land deal. This much Nigeria Films can authoritatively report.

An Abuja based multimillionaire businesswoman, Hajiya Habiba Abubakar Abdullahi has reported a case of a high court judge who sold to her a dummy and swindled her of her hard earned whopping sum of N60million after luring her into the deal via his reputation.
According to a document exclusively received by NF which read thus: “The National Judicial Council, NJC has queried an Abuja High Court judge, Justice D.Z. Senchi asking him to explain within three weeks his role in shady land deals in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja.

The query, personally signed by the Chief Justice of Nigeria and Chairman, National Judicial Council, Justice Aloma Mariam Mukhtar with Ref. No. NJC/F.4/HC.25/1/231 was dated 4th December, 2013.

An Abuja based lawyer, Ayuba Abdul had on 19th November, 2013 filed a petition before the NJC on behalf of his client, Hajiya Habiba Abubakar Abdullahi, alleging that Justice Danlami Senchi of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja allegedly engaged in acts unbecoming of a judicial officer.(This same judge had two queries in his file previously for lack of good conduct).

Specifically, Ayuba said Justice Senchi approached his client, who was a litigant, for favours when the litigant's matter is still pending before his court, operating companies using fictitious names stressing that Justice Senchi is one and the same person as Mohammed Tanko. According to Ayuba, having double identity is a criminal offence.

The petitioner alleged that as a judicial officer, Justice Senchi was not supposed to own interest in companies, yet he has several companies. Ayuba also stated in the letter that;"our client also believes that he sold land and deprived her of her own share. Our client is also of the belief that Justice Senchi also deceived her into buying a land which title he knows to be defective".

Ayuba said Justice Senchi is indebted to his client to the tune of N3,000,000,three million Naira ,being balance of monies he received on sale of land as well as 50%of the total value of plot 258/182 which had earlier been valued at N60million.

The legal practitioner said his client had earlier written the judge demanding for amicable settlement of the impasse without response stressing that Justice Senchi kept telling his client that she could do whatever she deems fit and that the Inspector General of Police is his right hand man and he's untouchable.

"We are by this petition calling on you to use your good office to investigate these allegations against Justice Danlami Senchi with a view to ensuring that he pays our client the entire amount due to her as well as ensure that he is dealt with in his capacity as a judicial officer.

Anybody holding the exalted office of a judicial officer is supposed to be above board and not engage in such acts as stated above. We believe that with the reforms being carried out by the National Judicial Council under the able chairmanship of the present Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Mariam Alooma Mukhtar, GCON, our client's case will be adequately redressed.

Below are the bromide of the indicting documents that nailed the high court judge and the petition.