Ghollywood Mercy Asiedu Says She Is Hottier Than Ever


Kumasi- based actress Mercy Asiedu acts in famous in a number of Akan movies but wants to take a more daring role in English language movie, she wants to compete alongside people like Yvonne Nelson and Juliet Ibrahim which is why she is coming out to ask for her such role, but she insists that the Akan speaking actors are better than their English counterparts because the former translate their scripts from English into Akan before they perform.

In her words: “Put me in any English language movie and see me deliver better than I've ever done before”, she told Showbiz last Tuesday. “I have what it takes to do English language movies. Performing with English as dialogue, is it not just about memorising your lines? A good actress needs to understand what the dialogue really means and then rehearse properly as the script and director demands. I don't think I will have any problems when it comes to playing roles in English movies” Mercy Asiedu said.

Her dream is still far when it comes to the English language movie because no producer has invited her to act. Without the invitation, she claims she is hotter than before “I have gained a lot of experience from the many years 1 have been acting and have since improved on mv acting. I don't have to rehearse for a long time before I get it right”.