Exclusive interview with international recording artist Kas Beats

By Bisoye Babalola

Recently I had the chance to interview Kas Beats, a funny and talented Nigerian musician whose worked with some of the greatest in the industry. Kas has worked with stars such as 2face, D'Banj, Shina Peters, M.I, Ice Prince and the list goes on.

I was really interested in how the name Kas Beats came about, it's not your average stage name. Kas explained to me that his actual birth name is Kas and being the religious guy that he is, the addition to his name 'beats' came from his church choir.

Interviewing Kas was quite interesting, he was very free with his answers. My next question for the superstar was how he's handled the fame since the hit song Fi Mi Le. Kas explained to me that he just humbles himself, seeks refuge In God and keeps his eyes on the prize. He went on to further talk briefly about his appreciation for his fans and he goes crazy with energy when on stage.

Eager to find out when Kas would be releasing his album I asked him about it, he told me that the album would be out around November. The album will be entitled eclectic due to his different style and range of music.

Lastly I asked Kas about the advice he would give to people that are eager to get into the industry. His top two tips were to seek God, pray and study the business. According to Kas the job of an artist is not simply to record a song and have a hit there's a lot of things that aren't glamourised which are very important .