OJB's Younger Wives Explain Why They Didn't Donate Their Kidneys To Him

Source: Joy Akosa/Nigeriafilms.com

OJB's younger wives explains why they didn't donate their kidney to him when he needed it
On sunday music producer OJB was joined by his family including wives – Mabel, June and Korede along with their children, seven in total to thanksgiving in church for a successful kidney transplant, The producer shed tears while expressing his thanks to God at the service.

It is certain that the music producer needed only one kidney, so his first wife did the kidney donation, his two younger wives explained why they didn't donate theirs, they said:

Second wife Mrs. June Okungbowa:“Going through the process is scary but words cannot express how thankful we are to God for the final result”.
Third wife Mrs. Korede Okungbowa: “I just had a baby when the issue came up so it wasn't possible for me to have done another surgery, if I had the chance to, I would have donated my kidney without thinking about it, he is my husband. We are here to thank God for the success of everything”.