Imo Deputy Governor,Trumpeta Newspaper and Ihitte Mbieri


I write to condemn  in absolute terms the  recent irresponsible action of the Imo Trumpeta Newspaper. Trumpeta reported falsely that the Deputy Governor of Imo State Prince Eze Madumere  was booed by youths of Amaulu Mbieri  and Obazu  during his town hall meeting  at Ihitte  Mbieri . Madumere  is currently holding  village square meetings, visiting various  Imo state  communities. People are coming out to ask questions, making suggestions and their opinions felt. Monarchs and their subjects in so many Imo communities look forward to see him as another way of getting more projects sited in their various towns and  villages.

Last week, my friend Emeka and I were in a hotel room in Owerri, Imo State – we were visiting an age mate, a fresh employed  at  a bank in Imo – when my friend's cell phone rang. Half awake and half-asleep, I heard him ask repeatedly and  insistently, “What happened to Prince Madumere at  Ihitte Mbieri? What happened?” I shook off sleep and formed the only words I could muster in the circumstance: “Who are you talking about?” “The Imo State  Deputy Governor,” he answered.  I asked, “What happened to him?” Anxious, perhaps, not to startle the eavesdropping hotel attendants working in our room, he  simply waved his  hand and whispered: Imo Trumpeta newspaper reported he was booed by youths of Amaulu Mbieri  and Obazu  during his town hall meeting  at Ihitte  Mbieri .

In the darkness of the room I said wow, what a story for my weekly column. I imagined the buzz this story   would generate when I make a  column salivating over the details .  To verify I quickly made some phone calls,  one to  my source in government house another to Mike Ibe from Obazu.I have known Ibe for 15  years, as far back as in our undergraduate days  in the University of Port Harcourt  and he is still  a good friend. Ibe told  me that the Ihitte  Mbieri boo  story  is grave, misleading and highly fraudulent. That it is mere mischief to state that “Madumere was booed” . He told me point blank that no such thing happened. That there was only loud noise of some  people at the venue  begging the Deputy governor  for  money.

This Trumpeta media attack against Madumere is aimed at making the Deputy Governor to halt his visit of various Imo communities thereby denying tens of thousands of Imolites, especially commercial motorcycle riders/operators and the youths the opportunity to meet and interact with the number 2 citizen of the State and voice out the needs in their various communities.

A deputy governor  who created   time out of his busy work schedule to go round towns in Imo State interacting with  the people  and picking points from their contributions must not be condemned but should be given kudos. We must not  turn everything into wicked politics and smear campaign. How better Nigeria will be if all governors and deputy governors  will borrow a leaf from Madumere by making themselves accessible to the people regularly  and not build walls  of Jericho around themselves.

For a  Newspaper  that claims to fight  for the Imo  masses  to launch vicious attacks aimed at stopping  a man who is touring  the communities  in the state  to see how to  help the communities  shows its selfishness ,unpopularity and anti-democratic character.

I  therefore call on organizations and individuals in Imo State including trade unions, human rights groups, staff unions in universities, students unions, youth groups, activists and socialists, locally and internationally, to demand an end  to  the false smear campaign against the Imo Deputy Governor by Trumpeta  newspaper . I am aware that his  rising political  profile in Imo State has quickly become  a source of  fear to some politicians who are making all  effort to negatively define him. At the moment the mention of the name Madumere   is making some politicians  to develop instant fever  and  they are going  bunkers  and I don't want to believe that Trumpeta is part of the shoot Madumere down project.

 Madumere  is one of the ten politicians in my list of greater Imo State.He is one of the politicians that can move this state forward. I developed an air of breathless excitement whenever I hear anything about him. He does things right. His simplicity and doggedness to issue are legendary. He is one of the extremely few people that can be relied upon and who has the genuine desire in the uplift  of  Imo State.

Let him come to  Egbema  in the Ohaji/Egbema  LGA  too and soon  and hear from us. We want him to  see the power crisis situation in our  area  and press   buttons  for  Egbema  to  get  electricity and deliver us from  the everyday rumble of a generator in our homes as  we await the takeoff of  the Egbema  gas plant. Governor Okorocha has pressed  some  buttons  and  some communities in Imo state have  electricity. Let the same button be pressed for   Egbema  to get electricity.

As I write, the state of power supply in Egbema  has sunk to new and intolerable lows. Egbema  people  and businesses in the area used to be able to count on some modicum of power supply from the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), the successor to NEPA. Not anymore.  I was in Bonny Island in Rivers State of  Nigeria last week  and I was amazed  to see that  the  Island  has  247 electricity  as the eyes  could see . I could hardly mask my bewilderment.I felt humiliated because I've not had any electric supply in my home in Egbema for some time now. I've been running the power generator. Employers of labor are scarce now in my community because the power crisis continue to eat up their business capital and many of them  are  forced to close down. But hot pressure pipelines criss-cross our landscape just like in Bonny. Gas is  also being flared twenty four hours  in Egbema. Roofs easily leak because of acid rain. Acid rain impoverish soil by rendering them infertile for cultivation yet unlike Bonny oil kingdom  we don't have electricity in Egbema oil kingdom.The more generators we buy in Egbema  to cling to  electricity, the more we are at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and other pollutants. Save us o God.

-Kenneth Uwadi, Mmahu-Egbema , Imo State,Nigeria