Reckless Lifestyles Of Nigeria’s Richest Perm. Sec…Celebrates As Savings Account Allegedly Hits N1Billion


Gone are the days when career potentials and meritorious zeal to serve were yardsticks for being a civil servant, nowadays it has become a race for plummeting the nation's resources to enrich individual pocket. If you've read the stories of cherished people like Chief Philip Asiodu or Alison Ayida who're regarded as Super Perm. Sec., not just for their heroic contributions and selfless service to the nation but their commitments to the civil service acts, then you'll need to also keep this for archival reference.

The administrations of respected elderstatesmen like Chief Philip Asiodu, Alison Ayida and co will never be forgotten in history, those are truly and genuinely career civil servants who worked assiduously to position and develop the Nigerian civil service commission, they remain the nation's pride for keeping the toga of Super Perm. Sec. till date.

What won't we see in this country? This is a story of the amazing wealth of one of Lagos' civil servants whose reckless lifestyles is second to none. He's definitely one of the richest if not the wealthiest permanent secretary in Nigeria. Though very quiet and easy going, those who know Hakeem Muri Okunola popularly known as HMO will no doubt attest to his stupendous wealth and uncommon appetite for women.