Ramsey Noah’s former lover, Ameze Imariagbe, returns after ten years out

Source: Alayande Dayo - Nigeriafilms.com

If you have been a fan of Nollywood for over a decade ago, then you'll be familiar with the name Ameze Imariagbe as she was one of the hottest and most controversial actresses around that period. Her acting skill wasn't the only talking point about her.

Her well-publicised romance with her colleague, Ramsey Noah, was another issue that she made the news for because Noah was staying in her house and the fact that she was widely rumoured to be the one feeding him and that he was always driving her car was always headline news.

Then, just like Regina Askia, Imariagbe disappeared from Nollywood at her peak, when she was very hot and smoking. She was said to have become pregnant for Noah and she went to the US to give birth but she didn't come back until now, more than ten years later. It is believed she is back to reclaim her place in Nollywood, and she is already making major moves.