Kanye Who Got His Fiancee This For Christmas!!?

By NBF News

Rapper Kanye West known for his over he top ways has once again reached deep into his dark twisted fantasy life and produced for Kim Kardashian, his baby mama and fiancee a Christmas present which can only be described as gruesome.

Kanye got Kim a huge Hermes Birkin bag which costs about $16,000 and then got the artist who created the album art for his album 'My beautiful dark twisted fantasy' which was then banned. The artist behind the questionable art work on the bag is known as George Condo, he is well known for his naked art.

Kim, very proud of her present was seen flaunting it out on a day of shopping with her rapper beau and also took to Instagram to show the world what he got her, we really don't think its an enviable present, even her daughter North West's presents were better than the creepy bag.

What a way to ruin a great bag!