Saudi Arabia recalls 400,000 Toyotas over acceleration concerns

By The Rainbow

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has announced the recall of more than 400,000 Toyota cars for alleged problems with unintended acceleration.

It stated that the vehicles will be equipped with a brake override system to reduce the risk of sudden unintended acceleration without the ability to stop or control it.

”The ministry wants the car manufacturing company to install a safety system in cars in the Kingdom like what the company did recently to tackle the same faulty system in the United States,” the statement added.

The statement said that 10 models, manufactured between 2005 and 2010, would be recalled.

They include Lexus RX manufactured in 2010, Lexus ES of 2007-2011, Lexus IS300 of 2010, Avalon of 2005-2007, Camry of 2007-2011, Sequoia of 2009-2011, Corolla of 2008-2010 and 2006-2009, Land Cruiser LC200 of 2008-2011, and Land Cruiser LX 2008-2011, the statement said.

The ministry stressed in its statement that it would insist that automobile manufacturers should implement all the safety measures they introduce internationally in the cars they market in the Kingdom so that the rights of Saudi consumers are protected.

”Installing the brake override system in cars is a protective measure to ensure the safety of drivers and other people on the road. However the customers need not do any thing at present until the manufacturing company and its local dealer announce a campaign for it,” the statement said.

The ministry stipulates that the manufacturing company and the Abdul Latif Jameel (ALJ) should equip the cars manufactured by them with the brake override system, which will automatically reduce the acceleration and stop the car, the statement said.

A similar move was taken by the Toyota company in the United States and it was supported by a US law court last month.

The ministry added in its statement that it monitored all developments in the field of safety and quality of cars internationally and would take all steps to ensure minimum threat  to the lives and safety of consumers in the Kingdom.

The ministry held a number of meetings over the past two months with the Toyota company and its agent in the Kingdom to launch a campaign for the recall and the modality to install the brake override system.

The campaign would be organized jointly by the ministry and the ALJ and with the participation of related departments and agencies to instruct the customers in the Kingdom on how to deal with a situation in which the cars increase acceleration beyond the control of a driver.