Dance in the moon

By Emone Emmanuel

Through the rivers of Nigeria
To the deserts of Congo. Even to the forests of Somalia
And to the streets of Sundan
I hear the sound of war.
Child I know you are angry
Just like some of your friends that are carrying guns
And Others that died in the battle field,they died with anger and hatred
But you are still in the valley of decision

Evil is calling your name
The pregnant night is inviting you to the meeting of the cabals
But child you have to dance in the moon

Yes dance in the moon
To forget your sorrows
Let the moon`s love shine on you
And let her fill you with love
For if the moon will be angry we will be destroyed

Dance in the moon and do not stop dancing
And there you will learn the wisdom of the moon
For if she will not fight with the sun and stars
Then you must not fight with your brothers

About The Poet
Emone Emmanuel is a poet,story teller,essayist,public speaker and the president of Peakstars Foundation