Gazprom Death Sentence for Arctic Pechora Sea

Source: Dr. Goodluck Diigbo

I heard the announcement by the Russian oil giant Gazprom today, that it has produced the first commercial quantities of oil from its controversial Arctic drilling platform Prirazlomnaya in the remote waters of the Pechora Sea. Gazprom's past makes its arctic drilling a climate kind of nuclear weapon and a tragedy underway. It targets the Planet Earth. It is our First Right. We must protect it. Boycott Gazprom oil.

57 years ago, when commercial production of sweet crude oil began at Lekuma (nicknamed “Afam” by Shell) in Ogoniland, in November of 1956 (not 1958), there was jubilation in London. Feeling the necessity it was then, to rotate the western economic engine from a remote colony of the world for industrial prosperity and fueling of gunboat operations.

My experience in Ogoni is the reason I won't jubilate over the Arctic Drilling. I believe this is a death sentence for the Arctic. Apart from dead land, underground water in Ogoniland is forever contaminated. Now, the end has come for waters of the Pechora Sea. What a pity!

Dr. Goodluck Diigbo
MOSOP President/Spokesman

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