Is Dr Davies Ibiamu Ikanya’s Reappointment Justified?

By Nwaorgu Faustinus Chilee
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Those who are not conversant with the political activities in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State Garden City may not know too well who Dr. Davies Ibiamu Ikanya is. For the enrichment of the knowledge of those who are still oblivious of the political interplay in the Treasure Base of the Nation, Rivers State, Dr. Davies Ibiamu Ikanya was the immediate past Commissioner of Special Duties on the cabinet of the present administration before its dissolution in June 2009 by the chief executive of the state Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi.

Dr. Ikanya, a member of the opposition party benefited from the Amaechi's led – administration when he was appointed as the commissioner of Special Duties to drive his resolve to include opposition parties in the administration of Rivers state in the spirit of Government of National Unity.

Before he was reappointed to the position of a commissioner Dr. Ikanya served as the Chairman of the Forum of Organized Opposition Political Parties in the state.

At this point one may ask what role Dr. Ikanya played when held sway as the Commissioner of Special Duties that warranted his being reappointed by the Amaechi led – administration.

Many people may not know how the displaced indigenes of Rivers State who inhabited the now ceded Bakassi Peninsula were resettled. According to one Brian Wilfred, “Dr. Davies Ibiamu Ikanya, erstwhile Commissioner for Special Duties, Chief Eze said Ikanya is a God-fearing, gentle, a great administrator and a wonderful Ambassador of the Opposition in the last Cabinet. Though yet to be reappointed, it is noteworthy to mention the strides he made while in office. Apart from ensuring proper execution of his Ministry's Mandate, Vision and objectives, he is credited with initiating a number of bills which if passed into law would change the face of Fire Services delivery in the State. Dr. Ibiamu spearheaded the resettlement initiative for displaced Rivers State indigenes displaced during the ceding of Bakassi to Cameroon. His model is presently being studied by International Organizations as a blueprint for such exercise in any part of the world”.

Apart from the above role, his reappointment did not come as a surprise to some political observers who are aware of the Governor's promise on the 7th of July, 2009 courtesy call and official presentation of the FOOP at the Government House Port Harcourt, when in response to a call by the body, Hon. Amaechi agreed to reappoint Dr. Ikanya to his cabinet.

By reappointing him, Governor Amaechi has demonstrated that he is not among the politicians that pay mere lip service but one who put his money where his mouth is.

The onus lies in the hands of the reappointed political appointee, Dr. Ikanya, to prove himself once again.

Nwaorgu Faustinus Chilee, a Socio-Political commentator writes from Igboeche, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

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