Fly Away

By Emone Emmanuel

Fly away fly away my fears
Carry your bag as you soar on the ill wind that bring you
To a far away country for there is no place for you in Nigeria
Please take the poverty,insecurity and sufferings that you came with,Nigeria will not need the help of your horrible friends.
There you will build your nest,lay your eggs and raise your children

Fly away fly away doubt
For I see my future clearly just as I see the bright future of Nigeria
Though the mountain is very high,my faith is also high
So fly away doubt for I will not need you when I will climb my mountain

Fly away fly away war
For I will not watch you kill innocent children
And I will not help you to take pregnant mothers to the land of the dead
Do not think you can break Nigeria
For Nigeria is one

Fly away fly away evil
Let the pot belly politicians disappear
Let the ill wind carry them away from Nigeria
Those who have eaten the wealth of the unborn generation will disappear with the ill wind

Fly away fly away darkness
All the sorrows might come in the night but the joy of Nigeria shall come in the morning The wind of change will blow in Nigeria
Even Nigerians shall rejoice in her light.
We shall dance in the dawn of a new Nigeria.

About The Poet

Emone Emmanuel is a poet,story teller,essayist,public speaker and the president of Peakstars foundation. He believes in the transformation of Nigeria and Africa.