STOP PRESS: "I didn't send that mail !" -Doris Simeon's ex, Daniel Ademinokan denies malicious email messages

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There is this book that carries the title 'How To Save Your Marriage Alone'. Perhaps, popular movie director/producer, Daniel Ademinokan, has read through it. We say this because we found his fresh message as an attempt to play the mature partner, ex, though.

Just as your darling popular site, finished publishing the last mail we got from a Daniel Ademinokan on his marriage issues, a fresh email message just came in, also, shockingly though, from Daniel Ademinokan, denying every content in the last message!

Are you also shocked like we are? Well, while we do not disbelieve Daniel's reaction to the first mail, alleging that hackers did the fraud, we will leave readers to comment.

Here is the new message;

I just discovered that some mails were forwarded to all the above listed blogs/bloggers that are very private. Someone hacked into my email and did this very appalling act. I got wind of this information when one blogger contacted me about this.
I please implore you to disregard these emails and not publish them. I want you to consider the fact that there are children involved here and everybody is trying to move on with their lives. I don't see any good that a private conversation with my pastor will do to the rest of the world. For the sake of our children and for peace to reign please consider my request.
God bless you.

Daniel Ademinokan
I'm too Blessed to be Stressed.
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