Mide Funmi Martins' And Afeez Owo's Marriage Crashes

Source: pointblanknews.com

The daughter of late Funmi Martins, Mide, married a popular Nollywood actor and producer Afeez Owo several years ago. She also joined the Yoruba movie industry shortly. But, unfortunately Mide's marriage to Afeez has crashed.

According to Nollywoodgists, their marriage packed up on an alleged infidelity accusation by Afeez. The actor has always been suspicious of his wife's movement, and whenever he confronted her, her responses were not pleasing to his ear.

He had decided he could not handle her 'infidelity' anymore and separated from the actress months ago, despite pleas from friends and family.

“The couple has been having issues with their marriage several months back but the crack became evident after the couple started living separately this year,” a source of Nollywoodgists disclosed.

Their duo has since moved on. Afeez Owo not publicly shows off his new love interest, while Mide has their kids in her custody, and has not publicly identified with a love interest yet.