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Diamond Bank adopts new banking platform to ease self-service transactions

By The Citizen
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Diamond Bank Plc said it has deployed an innovative banking platform in order to continue providing seamless services for its customers.

The new platform, BankWorld, is the latest comprehensive suite of integrated self-service solutions, which includes an integrated multichannel platform, ATM, internet, mobile and PoS solutions as well as a powerful card management system.

The Executive Director, Diamond Bank, said the bank had entered into a partnership with CR2, a Dublin, Ireland-based pioneer in retail banking software industry, to give variety of self-service platforms to its customers.

He said that the bank intended to ride on CR2's wide-range of network of customers throughout the world, with about 110 banking customers across 60 countries in four continents, driving thousands of ATMs and servicing millions of internet and mobile banking users globally to serve its customers, both in Nigeria and in all subsidiary countries.

BankWorld has empowered the bank to extend its customer reach far beyond its branches using powerful electronic channels and the bank has experienced significant growth in customer base as a result, Dozie said.

'BankWorld provides a robust and flexible platform for Diamond Bank's ATM, internet and mobile channels. Diamond Bank has rolled out its functionally-rich internet channel to both corporate and retail customers and since the implementation of BankWorld, the bank's ATM network has grown rapidly from 15 ATMs to a network of nearly 700 ATMs today,' Dozie added.

With the full integration of the platform, the bank's staff can easily manage this rapid growth from a single point as the advanced operational tools will enable the bank's team to manage and support the growing network, both locally and remotely, ensuring they can always provide their customers with advanced banking services.

The bank is said to be currently implementing segmentation across all channels that will allow it to send relevant and targeted advertisements to specific customer segments, while ensuring that it reaches the right customers on the right channel.

The Head of Transaction and Electronic Banking Division, Daniel Akumabor, said: 'We aim to offer the best customer experience in Nigerian banking and our collaboration with CR2 has helped us in achieving this goal. Ensuring that we can reach customers who cannot easily access the branch is an important part of that - with BankWorld we have been able to provide members of the unbanked population not just with basic banking services but also high-level functionalities at the ATM, internet and mobile channels.'