Nollywood Remains The Biggest Industry, Not Gollywood – GH Musician Diamond Licious

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Not too long ago, broke the news about Ghana's richest songstress and actress Diamond, who had an accident and crashed her $150,000 Hammer car.

Though Diamond refused to give many details about the accident for fear of being misconstrued as a gimmick, she shared pictures of it on her social media platforms.

Currently, Diamond is in Nigeria shooting movies. The actress, who was spotted on one of the biggest epic film sets, told us that she has shot over 5 movies and still counting.

Speaking on why she didn't start from home – Ghana (Gollywood) but rather in Nigeria (Nollywood), she stated that “Nollywood is currently shooting more movies compared to the Ghanaian film industry.

“Also, Nollywood is the biggest film industry in African and not Gollywood; so shooting in Nollywood is the best decision any African actor should dream of.”

“Nollywood is the second biggest film making industry in the whole world and highly revered the world over; so branding Diamond through Nollywood is a very prudent decision to us,” said one of her managers.