Obi resorts to letter writing when too late

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Sir, It is not now that advices did go to Governor Peter Obi. There have been so many of them, drawing his attention to some realities which provided him the some ideas of getting his house in order; but it was like he never bothered to listen or make use of those. There was the advice from the wife that he should not bother about second-term; he ignored her. People had told him that the N255million in three suitcases may be his albatross; he tried to gloss over it somehow but the stench still persists.. People noticed that his APGA faction was getting down the drain; but he lived in pretence. PPA offered him an olive branch; he did not pursue it with vigor.

Emeka Etiaba has gone in there. Recently we read about Obi going to fly the flag of Labour Party and deadline is fast approaching; but he still believes in Umeh-led APGA. He tries very hard to fight INEC when he knows that there are many constitutional provisions by which INEC would lead him in a race with much gap.

Mr. Peter Obi had pursued some parochial goals, dwelt in being a paper tiger. No one knows which way for Peter Obi now as he steps up awarding new contracts and proposing more projects in a day-dreaming style and he has only about five months to leave that seat.

Now he has resorted to letter writing to “Fellow Nigerians”, telling them to see how he is being treated unjustly. Where can that lead him to?

Mr. Vincent Ozojiri

1345 Aba-PH Express Road

[email protected]

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