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Ogun and water scarcity
By Victor Adelope
Friday, March 05, 2010
In recent times, the issue of water scarcity in Ogun State has been part of the top stories, especially in the media. As a keen watcher of events in the country, one cannot but add his voice to this very important issue.

While one is not denying that Ogun has its own challenges in providing potable water, it is pertinent to dig into the issue from an objective perspective.

This cannot be brushed aside given the political dimension the matter has assumed, especially allegations that an epidemic seem imminent in Abeokuta, the state capital. While not holding brief for the state government, it is important to ask these 'mercantile critics' the water situation in the state before the coming of the Daniel Administration.

For those who may not know, Ogun has not had serious attention paid to making potable water available to its citizens for over 20 years!

The question then is, can we blame the current administration which has sunk an integral part of its resources to address the situation?

Curiously, it is an open secret that engaging in a venture of this nature takes time to achieve results, given the financial and time challenges involved. This is aside the frustrations suffered in the hands of Almighty PHCN, which make efforts of providing water almost impossible.

As you are reading this, the Action Congress (AC) has joined the fray, accusing the state government of not providing potable water to the people. Curiously, even in Lagos State which is surrounded by water, there is no doubting the fact that potable water remains a mirage, but the AC will never talk about this.

Meanwhile, these critics will be put to shame soon because the state governor, through the Ministry of Water Resources is set to bring back the good old days as water is set to flow across the state soon.

This will be complimented by a power project which is on-going, courtesy of the present administration to ensure regular electric power supply.

The consolation today is that those behind this campaign of calumny are already feeling the heat, as their imminent cholera story is already falling like a pack of cards, several weeks after.

In the midst of all these, the reality is that, no matter what, truth remains constant.

• Victor Adelope, Abeokuta