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No room for godfatherism in Enugu, says Chime

By The Rainbow

Governor Sullivan Chime of Enugu State has said that there is no longer room for political 'godfatherism' in Enugu State.

To him, the era of people appointing themselves political godfathers and trying to lord it over others had long gone in the state.

Gov. Chime spoke at Oji River Local Government Area in continuation of campaign tour ahead of the November local government elections in the state.

The governor, whose performance approach to governance has endeared to his people, also took a swipe at some members of the National Assembly from the state for their nonchalant attitude towards their constituents.

He accused them of displaying political arrogance by sometime projecting themselves as  being bigger than their people.

According to him, even as governor, he has no structure of his own because the structure belongs to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He therefore and wondered why some people who had found themselves in positions of authority now feel bigger than the structure that delivered them.

The governor said “As governor I have no structure than the PDP. The era of one person trying to lord it over others and claiming to be a godfather is gone in this state. It is unfortunate that some of my brothers who found themselves in some positions now feel they are bigger than the structure which delivered them.'

Referring to federal lawmakers, he said: “Some of our brothers in the National Assembly have not participated in the local government campaign tours even within their constituencies, yet they sneak in at night to hold nocturnal meetings and lie to people that they were not invited.”

Going further, he said: ‘I don’t see how someone would have lost touch with reality to the extent the he now feels the people back here do not matter again. There is no big man in PDP, it was the structure that produced all of us and it is the same platform that will throw up those who are going to represent our people in future election.”

Chime added “If people feel that they have grown so big that the constituents and party that produced them don’t matter any longer, I wish them luck but I caution those of us back here not to be deceived by such persons.” The governor will end the campaign tour with a visit to his local government, Udi, tomorrow.