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One trend which seem to have hit the music industry today is age falsification. This trend is very common particularly amongst footballers. Many at times footballers reduce their age by almost 60 to 70 percent, to fit into clubs and national teams

This act is a common trend amongst Nigerian footballers. We've seen Nigerian footballers, both past and present dropping their ages in other to fit in to play for the national team and their club sides.

The blame do not go on them a 100 percent; the game of football requires youthfulness, energy and strength, for this reason the older footballers who have got the talent and skill falsify their ages in other to fit in to play for their country and club side.

This same act seem to have hit the Nigeria music industry but the question is, if its really so, for what reason?
Like the reason given on why footballers falsify their ages which is to an extent justifiable, nothing should make a musician do same because age does not affect an artiste's C.D sales, chances of getting shows but rather talent in the particular field of endeavor is the major determinant factor.

A line in one of Burna Boy's song, Run My Race, an artiste who claim to be 22 year of age, reads
'.. Enemies won fe ni won pa mi But won able Mi o n she omo kekere Won gbe mi ni cradle
..' Meaning, Enemies want to harm him but they are unable, he's not a kid they can't carry him in cradle.

Judging by this line of his song, how do we believe he is truly 22 years old like he claims? Sean Tizzle who happens to be father of two kids also, claims to be 24 years, Davido claims 21 and these artistes don't in anyway look the ages they claim. Could the age many of the new breed Nigerian musicians claim, be true or false?