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Habitually, I hate to fall in LOVE, especially when I don't know where the LOVE is leading to. Reason: it seems I can't just accept the concept of PECK and GO. Thus, I have developed a sticky kind of love which when I am reluctantly forced to show, I find it being withdrawn:

the most painful thing in my life. In short, I can substitute it with hypertension.

My daily prayer to God is always “Please, old man, don't let me fall in love else I will join you sooner than expected!” But we have too many beautiful chicks/babes on this campus and it is not just easy to resist their secret side-way glances and their non-existing show of “I am not easy to capture!” I have the quality, the ability as well as the tactics to capture but as earlier explained I hate to capture only to PECK and GO. Thus, bringing hatred, hanging human feelings, killing true love and assassinating true minds and character!

Came a cool breezing Saturday, heading to my normal joint where I settles for 'IYAN and Obe Egusi/Osiki with Eran Ogufe/Igbe'- the very dish my taste bud craves for. I saw this lady, dressed in regalia; she's light in complexion, of an average height. She is an eye-catcher, a glamorous daughter of Eve; her stature is comparable to Miss World's. In fact, no word will be enough to describe her shapely shape, her appropriate curves or good legs. No doubt, Omnipotent did some overtime on her construction.

I surmounted courageous to talk to the lady. Naturally am always of the instinct that no matter how beautiful but heart-hardened a lady may be, the worst she can tell me, if approached is “NO”. As a Guy, Ladokite now, Trust! Instantly I devised plans to hold her on an attention. Though firstly, I don't know how to set sail about it because am quite aware that ladies protects their dignity, shunning street approaches.

Then, I thought of employing the method some guys' use, by first throwing a poser: “excuse me, it seems as if I knew you somewhere”; but I realized it's obsolete and no more effective. Cleverly, I walked briskly past her and by “intention” dropped my handkerchief. Hoping she would definitely call my attention to it. Initially it was my phone I tried dropping- my BB Porshe. “What if she careless?” my inner-mind forewarned! Even If she careless about the handkerchief, it's cheap so I would buy another.

I crossed over to the other side of the road after I dropped the handkerchief. As if I knew the plan would work, she picked it and crossed over also. “Why are you so careless Mr. Man”, she said! “Are you talking to me?” I replied with my chest puffed out, frowned, pretending to be embarrassed! “Yes, it's you, your handkerchief dropped so I picked it for you”, “Oh, thank you”, nerves calmed! “Am very sorry for the embarrassment I might have…...”, I understand, she cut in! I thanked her! I had my mouth wide open to request for her contact but no word came out as she walks away. Then why the show I staged? I questioned myself, so disappointed!

Fortunately, about three days after, I was heading to class to have hours of amorousness with my books, I saw this same lady walked into a nearby eatery; I slowed my walking, followed her, with the hope and assurance that she would have ordered for her dish and possibly set to eat. I peeked and discovered she was lonely; I entered, ordered for my saucer, walked briskly to where she was sitting, and placed my food in front of her. “You again” she said, before I could utter a word! “We could possibly have a date with destiny, who knows!” I replied, a line of smile flashed through my distinguished face!

After taking three or four spoons, I asked if she is anyway related to Allison Madueke- a quintessence of beauty! She smiled, gave no reply.

I told her she resembles that nice woman. I kept silent a while, pretending to be obeying table manners. Minutes later, I threw a

poser: “why she chooses to visit the eatery rather than cook in her room”, she smiled, gave no reply again. “Angelic and lovely smiles you've got, just like that of Michelle Obama”, I said; “please stop flattering me, Oh, am blushing already,” she retorted, fanning with her phalanges!

I asked how long she's been in the campus. I felt relaxed at her reply; so na 'JJC', I said within myself! Set to launch my rocket, I readjusted, posed well…Uhm…uhm…i cleared my throat; well, am a Final Year Student, talked in a Chief-like manner, though intending to use that as a trump card! “En-hen and so what!” she snapped in.

Knocked-back! I fired on, not discouraged with her reply.

I asked of her department and expressed surprise at her reply. I told her a relation of mine wants to enter into her profession and that I need some information from her; but I never gave her the medium to reply, explain her profession. I told her I have a lecture in the next five (5) minutes, so I have to haste to class; fleeing from an unpremeditated orientation. I used that opportunity to collect her contact and promised to call later to ask for where she resides, which I did.

In short, that was how we got things rolling. Before we could know it, we became intimate friends and making visitations; a day could hardly pass without fielding calls from each other on phone or text messages.

That friendship waxed stronger and stronger; from there we dived into the Atlantic Ocean of Love. I loved her and I knew she also did love me. I breathed her!

Sincerely, then I realized that falling in love is a wonderful experience that is worth in lives. As a person I am, always dedicated to anything am into. I was so dedicated to that struggle; Aluta “E”!

Things was going well, smoothly and lovely not until one day, she walked in and told me she's not interested in this childish play we call love. “Aha, not interested again ke, kilode, you call our love childish play?” I asked astonishingly, mouth wide opened with eyeballs puffed out like that of Aminu Tambuwal. That cursed day was Sunday; minutes after I returned from the church; went to earn some credits against the judgement day!

What could cause her sudden display of mental disparity and love betrayal, I marveled! Me; heart-broken? Impossible! Though disappointed and felt jilted! The next day, while heading for a morning lecture, I saw my lady smiling in front of a ride- EOD, her mood was more than blissful, I must confess! End Of Discussion! Could it be that she broke up with me because she's tired riding in my 'Legedes Benz'/'Foot-wagon'? I tried dodging her but she saw me, the guy-driver packed beside me; she smiled at me, “Tomi darling, what-sup, how you doing?” said with a mockery voice. I frowned like a kid whose 'Akara' just fallen into the sand. Then the guy-driver zoomed off! Gosh, she spoilt my blissful mood, on a Monday morning!

This same scene became a regular occurrence; I had to change my route from the school gateway to a walkway which also leads into the campus.

At least, to be safe from more discomfiture! So, that was how I was heart-brokenly ported from “In a Relationship” to “SINGLE”! Initially, I thought it was all a daydream but lo and behold, it's not! I've waited, wished and hoped she would make her return but she never did.

Many girls flocked around me but I never graced them with my attention, due to the love I had for her- hoping she would make a turn. Now, I'm awakened to the reality that I have to let go…I have to move on with my life…I have to lead another Force of Aluta “E”. I have to prove to be a real Generalissimo; Commander-in-Chief of Aluta “E”

At this juncture, as a reminder, all what you have read about my LOVE LIFE and imaginary “LOVER” who forcefully ported me into being SINGLE is nothing more than my inviting you to the World of ILLUSION; a FICTION of course!

GLOSSARY: Aluta “E” = Emotional Struggle!
NB: Emotional Struggle supersedes all other Struggles!

Oluwatomilola Boyinde, TOMI'NIGERIA, PRO, Union of Campus Journalists, Lautech. [email protected], @TomiNigeria.

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Oluwatomilola Boyinde and do not necessarily reflect those of The Nigerian Voice. The Nigerian Voice will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."

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