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By Idaimi Peace
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We the leaders of the Second Phase of the Presidential Amnesty Programmer (PAP) have been very patient, considerate and unbelievably understanding with the current handlers of the amnesty programme, headed by, Hon. Kingsley Kuku. Our inviolable consideration stem from the fact that the current head of the amnesty programme was deeply involved in what inspired us to take up arms against the Nigerian state before the advent of the amnesty era.

But sadly, instead of concentrating his attention and focus on the very crucial assignment given to him by the President and Commander In Chief, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR rather he has brazenly busied himself with mundane things, thereby creating problems, causing disharmony and generating needless strife and unnecessary controversy for the people of the region . If he is not involved in political grandstanding, he is involved in shadow boxing and odious recrimination with those, he is assigned to manage. Our take as ex-agitators is that, though this man, while fluent in grammatic expression, obviously, lack's the carriage, capacity and the moral compass to effectively steer the ship of this very sensitive programme to a safe shore.

It is a common Knowledge that he has appropriated the amnesty programme to himself, members of his immediate family and cronies. All in a desperate bid to promote his ordure political ambition. And interestingly, he has a good company, in the person of one Chief Bibopere Ajube (a.k.a General Shoot –at-Sight) and his co-travellers.

We read with dismay, a diversionary, ill-conceived, dubious and self- serving re- joinder by the so called General Shoot-at-Sight through an advertorial on page 51 of Saturday Vanguard, October 19, 2013 with the Caption: “AMNESTY PROGRAMME AND NIGER DELTA PEACE A TIMELY WARNING”, On the now famous, highly appreciative and widely applauded call for the sack of Hon. Kingsley Kuku as Chairman of the Presidential Amnesty Committee on Thursday , October 17, 2013 edition of sun Newspaper , Page 11 from Comrade Sobomabo Jackrich (a.k.a Egberipapa)

Frankly, after digesting the content of the said piece, we came to an incontrovertible conclusion that, it was not the said Chief that authored the highly vexatious advertorial being ascribed to him. We all know ourselves, especially for those of us that were practically at the “firing lines” in the creeks and the swamps of the Niger Delta. It is an undeniable fact that Chief Bibopere Ajube (a.k.a General Shoot-at-Sight) is a stark illiterate and those not poses the mental or intellectual ability to have written the said publication and unfortunately too, he has refused to avail himself with the ill-gotten wealth from the stinking amnesty programme to improve on his literate capacity.

So, clearly it is a case of the voice of Jacob and the hands of Esau. Needless to say, Hon. Kingsley Kuku has a penchant for manipulating people, whenever he is faced with challenges of this nature. It is a known fact that General Shoot-at-Sight was a creation of Kingsley Kuku to be a huge partaker of the amnesty wind fall. Little was known of this Shoot-at-Sight when the struggle was at its peak but today, they are one's smiling to the bank. Little wonder, they are now readily available tools to be used as cannon folder.

Let it be known, that we are not holding brief for Comrade Jackrich, we are quite sure that he is capable of defending himself from any onslaught, especially from misguided elements .However, Comrade Sobomabo Jackrich being one of the early freedom fighters in the Niger Delta region and now a social crusader for Justice has paid his dues and deserves some measure of respect. Those that were called to “come and chop “and polluted the entire atmosphere with the active connivance of todays “Men of Power” should be very careful of what tomorrow holds.

For us in the 2ndPhase, our challenges are similar to the issues raised by Egberipapa that has given rise to this sponsored media attacks. Sometime in July last year, we wrote to Kingsley Kuku on issues that are effecting us as a group and we were invited to come to Abuja to meet with him, on knowning to us, he had an hidden agenda. While we were seated, awaiting his arrival for the meeting, some soldiers invaded the venue of the gathering and terribly, gave us the beating of our lives with treats of stoppage of our entitlements, if the press got wind of it. On further inquiry, we realized that it was Kuku that instructed them. We wanted to respond in the same measure but were prevailed upon by some of our leaders in the region. This is a classic case of the vindictive and dictorial tendencies of Kuku. Whenever you have issues with him on the way he runs the amnesty office, he does all within his powers to silence you .

Kingsley Kuku detests any form of opposition, whether constructive or not. He likes hearing himself alone. In phase 2 we have very challenging issues that are germane to the sustenance of the amnesty progamme but Kuku has failed to address them. There are numerous cases of slots allotted to us for our boys that have not been paid; this has led to lots of problems between us and the boys. For instance, in Opuduno Camp, under the command of General Lastdon with a total number of Seventy Five (75) slots, painfully for about eight (8) months, fifteen persons have yet to receive their money. Same for Dankpozigagha Camp headed by General Ebike-Iniye Ekiri with a total number of One Hundred and Nine (109) slots, but curiously for about seven month only thirty(30) persons have receive their money.

The same tale of woes, goes for General Victor Emmanuel commanding Sonomaiabadi Osain Camp with the challenge of twelve (12) slots not being paid, also for Opuatubu Camp-led by General Pogo- Eighteen (18) slots not being paid for ten (10) months. Okulotiobo Camp – facing similar challenges with nineteen (19) slots not paid for nine (9) months. In the same vein, Buruma Camp- headed by General Otonye Sowopre- also has the challenge of eighteen (18) slots not being paid for ten (10) months. These are just few cases of multitude of challenges confronting the amnesty programme.

Notably, it was the likes of Shoot-at-Sight and his gangs that were involve in nefarious activities, under the guise of liberation struggle. The sham contracts, purported overseas training; local engagements including phony job placements both home and abroad are all designed to hoodwink the gullible public and the presidency. If we are pushed any further, we will have no choice than to open more cane of worm. They are the ones that ought to be grateful to the Federal Government for granting them amnesty and not the other way round.

Conclusively, the goals for the proclamation of the Presidential Amnesty Programme by late President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua is on the rocks, whatever that is left of the programme should be rescued from the hands of Kuku and his cohorts, the peace that once eluded the region was restored but the emerging signals are scary, especially with the likes of Kuku at the aims of affairs of the amnesty programme, it is time to arrest the drift.