Oni's Aide Cautions Fayemi, Ekiti Police Over Political Violence

By TheNigerianVoice-TNV

The Ekiti State Police Command has been urged to detach itself from the All Progressives Congress (APC) government in the State and face the task of maintaining law and order without bias in support or against any individual or group.

This was contained in a statement issued in Ado-Ekiti by former governor, Chief Segun Oni's Media Aide, Mr Lere Olayinka, in commemoration of the one year of his arrest, detention and trial for alleged publication of seditious articles against the State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi.

Olayinka, who described roles being played in support of the State Government's political intolerance by the State Police Command as ignoble said; "My experience between October 8, 2012 that I was arrested and October 15, 2012 that I was granted bail by the court showed clearly that the State Commissioner of Police, Mr Sotonye Wakama was biased against perceived opponents of Governor Fayemi and his party."

He described the police claim that supporters of Ekiti Bibiire Coalition were arrested and charged to court because the launching of the group contravened Section 99 of the Electoral Act as laughable, saying; "It is funny that policemen who are being paid to secure the lives of Nigerians would be running after people who were launching Ekiti Bibiire Coalition while gun wielding thugs are allowed to block major roads in Ado-Ekiti unhindered.

He said; "The question Mr Wakama and his men have not answered is; how many of those thugs that were seen brandishing guns, cutlasses and other dangerous weapons did they arrest and charged to court?"

The statement read; "On October 8, 2012, exactly one year today, agents of Governor Fayemi tried to abduct me at a restaurant close to Ile-Abiye, Ilawe Road, Ado-Ekiti where I was eating. One Daniel Wakawa led armed Mobile Policemen from Ekiti Government House to carry out the devilish operation.

"The offence for which Fayemi wanted me abducted was my postings on Facebook, especially against his controversial Teachers Competency Test.

"Because God gave me the wisdom to foil their kidnap plot by attracting the attention of the public, I was beaten like a notorious criminal by Daniel Wakama and his me. I was dragged on the road, handcuffed and taken to the Police Headquarters.

"At the Police Headquarters, a obviously compromised Ekiti State Commissioner of Police, Mr Sotonye Wakama did not questioned the propriety of my arrest by Mobile Policemen detailed to guard the Government House. Instead, he ordered that armed policemen should follow me to where I live to conduct a search, obviously to get evidences to justify my illegal arrest. My residence was searched, with only a 160GB External Hardisk, Flash Drive, Bank Deposit Slips and few documents found.

"Mr Sotonye Wakama in further demonstration of his bias in support of Fayemi's reign of terror, got his men to write letters to my Bank and that of my wife, saying that the accounts were being investigated, even when I was not arrested for committing any financial crime.

"What I later found out was that they were trying to find out how much I was paid by Ekiti Teachers to oppose Fayemi's controversial Competency Test. So funny. But that is the Ekiti State Police Command under Mr Wakama for you.

"Against all legal provisions, I was refused bail when I was arraigned in court. Rather, I was ordered to be detained in police custody for seven days.

"Even when I was eventually granted bail, CP Sotonye Wakama continued with his funny attitude. I remember him telling me in his office when I went to demand for the release of my BB Phone, external hardisk and other items seized from my house that; 'I am still watching to see your next step.'

"And when the case was finally dismissed on January 18, 2013, CP Sotonye Wakama, obviously in his bid to satisfy Governor Fayemi did not release my properties until five months, and not until all files in the harddisk had been infected with virus!

"Today, I thank God for sparing my life. I thank Him for not letting Fayemi's agents of death had their ways concerning my life as they did in the case of Chief Adeleye Awolumate, Ayo Murphy Jeje, Mrs Juliana Adewumi and other people whose blood had been shed by the blood-sucking demon residing in Fayemi and his men.

"I also thank those who gave me the much needed moral support to carry on.

"To CP Sotonye Wakama and his men, I only hope they will begin to tread cautiously. Or isn't it funny that people who are being paid to secure the lives of Nigerians would be running after people who were merely launching Ekiti Bibiire Coalition while Fayemi's thugs are allowed the unhindered freedom to block major roads in Ado-Ekiti, openly displaying guns, matchets and other dangerous weapons?

"Most importantly, I will continue to be grateful to Fayemi for assisting me in my journey to heroism.

"I urge him not to relent in his war against Ekiti people. Let him continue to attack Prince Dayo Adeyeye, destroying his Billboards, let him continue with his war against Michael Opeyemi Bamidele (MOB) and his supporters. Let him continue to equip thugs with guns so that they can continue to shed the blood of innocent Ekiti men and women.

"May be he will create a record as the first leader in the world, who waged war against his own people successfully.

"Lastly, I wish to reiterate again that I will continue to express my opinion on any issue without fear of anyone. Reason is that "Omo Olumose atikun aya wiran" does not fear any mortal."