Actor Prince William Defends John Dumelo Over His Relationship Status: "Blame The Ladies And Not Him"

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Actor Prince William Defends John Dumelo Over His Relationship Status: "Blame The Ladies And Not Him"

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Date: Wednesday, 04/09/2013 10:22 AM
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Many are those who have been asking about the whereabouts of some of the child actors who used to entertain us during the days of 'By the fire side', 'Sound City' and the like.

Though not all the kid actors are able to take acting with them when they grow, the few ones like John Dumelo and Prince William are really making Ghana proud since they have enjoyed a great comeback into the movie industry.

In a chat with Prince William Darlington who used to be one of the lead actors in popular TV program 'By the Fireside', popular movie 'Diabolo (Snake Man),' Sun City series and a couple of adverts for Areeba, he stated that because he has been acting since he was a child, acting has not been a difficult job for him. He rather always tries as much as possible to learn more to add up to the experiences he has already gotten.

With over 20 movies to his credit, he revealed to NIgeriaFilms.Com reporter Mustapha Ayinde Inusah that he thinks the movie industry is very attractive now. He recounted that he remembers one of the reasons why his parents didn't allow him to take acting serious was the fact that acting was more considered as a (concert) comedy thing, with less intellectuals in.

As to what has been some of his experiences since he came into the movie industry, he stated that the fact that people will appreciate your hard work and encourage you to do more is a very good experience.

Prince Williams lamented that the biggest disadvantage he has experienced in the movie industry is the fact that ladies give him lots of pressure by liking to date him.

He explained: “the trick is that the women are our fans and we need to do whatever we can to make them still like us. So when we try to be their close pals they rather take advantage of it. I personally have gone through lot of similar issues John Dumelo is going through and when I read some of the articles from some section of the media, I feel like the media is crucifying an innocent soul,” he lamented.

He noted that recently, he traveled to the US to have a movie shoot but one Liberian woman would not give him his peace of mind as she pestered her every where he goes. Due to that frustration and more, he had to quit the movie shooting and to look else where for peace.

“If you don't give them attention, you will have a bad brand from them that you are not friendly. Again, when you give them too much attention too, these are some of the problems you go through and that is the case of John Dumelo. Have you ever heard anyone say John Dumelo is not friendly? That tells you that he's innocent of those allegations the media is putting out about him,” he said.

He advised that movie producers should try as much as possible to give most of the upcoming movie stars the opportunity to showcase their talent so that Ghana can have lots of movie stars in our country like Nollywood.

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