An Unholy Attack And That Belated Retraction By Iwuala On Imo Deputy Governor!


Having a clear-cut journalism value determines the height attainable for a media professional. A value that charts a moral path on the basis of professionalism in news reportage for right minded persons in this field to follow. Unfortunately the case in this part of the world seems different, as austerity has propelled many to their early graves in the media industry, their names never heard nor talked about, but thrown in the trash of history.

How does one best-explain the very recent hollow display of journalistic malnutrition by Emperor Iwuala, a former media aide to the impeached Imo state Deputy Governor, Sir Jude Agbaso, over the malicious story emanating from him and sent to media houses, a story that contained extreme falsehood which attempted to malign the person of the present Deputy Governor, His Excellency Prince Eze Madumere. Iwuala claimed to have received the said story from a certain Sandra Duru, but in a character-demeaning twist of fate, Mr Iwuala apologetically withdraws the same story few days after its public berth.

It shows the height of a man's mental incapacitation, revealing Mr Iwuala's media-jobbing forte. For how could this man have allowed an unsubstantiated story of that denigrating magnitude fly that high, if not the premeditated intention of a neurotic marks-man?

Yes, it is painful that an innocent man was accused wrongly. More painful that the innocent man happens to be a hard-worker, whose openness and sincerity of heart is second to none. A man that has successfully established a harmonious working relationship with the Imo people like never before through his open door policy, for crying out loud, it is unheard of for a sitting Deputy Governor in Nigeria to in humility decide to personally explain himself on phone to the likes of Iwuala, after all during Ohakim's era they were flogged. We thank God, for truly Imo is really getting better!

And trying to blame the Deputy Governor's Chief Press Secretary, Mr Uche Onwuchekwa, for not putting a check on the said story before its eventual spread is rather shameful and sarcastic of Mr Iwuala. If he claimed to have previously called the Chief Press Secretary to notify him of a picture publication that showed the Deputy Governor spraying money in public. How come he never deemed it fit to inform him of the malicious story he received from Sandra Duru for clarifications. I must say the CPS acted professionally in his reaction, even though his boss decided to go the extra mile on the path of humility to call Iwuala over the phone.

Really, the likes of Barrister Emperor Iwuala should as a matter of urgency be taught some litigation lessons to caution others who may want to tread this unfortunate path.

Meanwhile, I would love to commend the fatherly demeanor posited so far by His Excellency, Prince Eze Madumere, ever since the beginning of this clear attempts to tarnish his image. He prefers to remain focused in his duty as the Deputy Governor rather than allow the wicked machinations of detractors hold sway.

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