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A Note On 2-Faced 'Activist', Timi Frank, On Jonathan, Okupe, Govs Et Al

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By Mohammed Ibn Gusau PhD
These are interesting days. Today we have tons of progressives who come in different colors.  Even thse who were hatchet in the defunct  National Party of Nigeria (NPN) and National Republican Convention (NRC), now dance in the market place waving banners claiming to be 'progressives'. We also have truck loads of anti-graft crusaders, activists who strut every corridor in search of relevance and lucre. It just depends on who pays the piper.

Recently, we have had a certain Timi Frank. Sounds Bayelsa/Rivers, right? Ok. This man says he is Director of Outreach of some group branded 'Anti-Corruption Network'. According to Timi the group  is fighting for a 'free society'.

Timi has built a reputation of speaking from both sides of his mouth. Timi in one breath eulogises President Goodluck Jonathan, branding his name as revered and in another, perhaps after consulting with the five renegade northern Governors and Gov Rotimi Amechi, he wants Dr Doyin Okupe sacked and Jonathan impeached.

In one of his statements on August 7, where he kicked Jonathan and called for a revolution, Timi Frank wrote ' only a revolution can bring back the lost glory to good governance in Nigeria and achieve the desired change in a fast growing world that Nigeria has refused to be a positive player . I am vindicated about Jonathan when I shouted against his election in 2011. He has not shown any requisite leadership qualities deserving of Nigeria's confidence during his one year as acting President '

Timi further kicked his kinsman ' I want to let you know that it is not for nothing that prominent personalities like Rev Tunde bakare and others are shouting against what is happening in the country right now'

Today, Timi is appealing to Jonathan on behalf of Govs Kwankwaso, Babangida Aliyu, Lamido, Nyako,  Wamakko and Amechi, to sack Okupe because the spokesman had been responding to strings of attacks from the Governors. It is on record that these top party men have disparaged their party and even said Jonathan may not win in 2015. The openly flirt with the opposition. While some say they are just being honest, common sense suggest that they all have private access to Jonathan.

There are so many Nigerians who are not happy with the present administration, and rightly so, because you cannot have 100 approval rating. There are several sectors that need urgent attention, of course some argue that he is barely over two years, and that he inherited a lot of rot, Nigerians deserve the right to be impatient.

However, one trend that must be rejected and condemned is the role of jobbers in whatever guise. They are Jekyl and Hyde, and modern day two faced Janus. Once the prize is right, you issue a statement.

The tragedy of it all is, these latter day activists, some section of the media which is now an 'unofficial opposition', sundry 'progressives ' are offering services to bidders.

Timi, who had consistently thrown barbs at Jonathan today because he is speaking for the Governors, who want Okupe fired, tried to tell the world Jonathan has a name he has to protect from the vituperations of Okupe, who obviously is a thorn in their flesh including Lai Mohammed who has given when he said on radio that he would soon stop taking on Okupe who some brand 'attack lion'

Timi's open letter  is titled ' The Urgent  Need To Sack Dr. Doyin Okupe And Overhaul His Public Relations machinery' First,  the statement is an acknowledgment of the effectiveness of Okupe. Some of us do not care if Okupe stays or goes, but to ask for his sack because he is doing his job sounds laughable.

A close look at the piece exposes a jobber , and  incoherence . Timi forgets he once asked for the sack of Jonathan. But today he tried to walk the fine line.  To the initiated it is clear he is a repentant anti-Jonathan clans man, who is compelled to attack his aide but oil his (Jonathan) as well. Tough.

Below are some of the sentences used by Timi while kicking Okupe

1, 'It should be clear to you Mr. President, that Okupe is only out to bring your image and that of the country to international odium,

2, Okupe has continued to drag your revered name in the mud through his indecent utterances

3, Mr. President, of what use is an aide who continuously ignites discord whilst gaining more enemies for you  instead of winning the hearts of the people to give you the much needed support?

4, Why do you need an aide who consistently misfires thereby wasting your precious goodwill?

5, It is also a pity that Okupe is now a liability to your exalted office

The first sentence suggests that Jonathan's image is sterling from the global perspective, but could attract odium if Okupe is not checked.  Odium means strong dislike, contempt, or aversion.. A state of disgrace resulting from hateful or detestable conduct

Timi, in the second sentence clearly tells us, Jonathan's name is revered. Synonyms: revere , worship, venerate, adore, idolize

These verbs mean to regard with the deepest respect, deference, and esteem. Revere suggests awe coupled with profound honor.

The man also urged Jonathan, whom few days ago wanted impeached, not waste his precious goodwill.

Interesting. Goodwill means :An attitude of kindness or friendliness; benevolence. Cheerful acquiescence or willingness. A good relationship, as of a business with its customers or a nation with other nations. The positive reputation of a business viewed as an asset, equal to the excess cost required to acquire the business over the fair market value of all other assets.

It is clear from the above that characters like  Timi Frank, should not be taken seriously because they often put their mouth where their cash lays. They fly with bats and doves.

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