Petition To Nigeria's IGP

By Ekechi Ottah Okala

The Inspector General of Police
Nigeria Police Headquarter


With great pain and effort I humbly write to tender my complaint before your good Office for kind attention.

Since 1996 June 19, all my tailoring machinaries in my garment industry at the 96B Ngwa Road, Aba was impounded by Inspector Alexander Idatewu of Alagbon Police Interpol in charge of operation as a result of a case of trade dispute reported against me which was deferent and distints from the tailoring business.


6 Industrial Sewing Machines

23 Straight Sewing Machines

1 Fact Portable Typewriter

While 3 Files containing my Company's documents, 1 Original Letter Head of my Company, 5 Cheque Booklets and 1 Old and New Int'l Passport then attached together was kept under the custody of Inspt. Alexander Idatewu Alogbon Close Lagos.

The case Suit No: MAS/611C/97 was between “COP Vs Ekechi Ottah Okala and Matthew Abah” and was dismissed for want of prosecution on the 20th Jan.,1999 at Aba Magistrate Court.

Since then, I have made several trip to Alagbon Lagos with series application to recover my properties, all to no avail.

All the Police Officers I do met are all new faces, whenever I tendered my complain, no one either says he know any thing about my case or was ready to attend to my plight, they will bluntly told me that those involved are no more working and some are late.

Presently I am idle doing nothing, seriously indebted, I am therefore appealing that you use your good Office to order the release and return of my machinaries/properties to me and at the same time assist me financially to help rent a new shop and service the machines which has long been packed and start working again to be able to take care of my family and other dependants.

All these while; I have lost my Mother and daughter due to financial constrain.

I and my entire family will start living again happily through your favourable consideration as deemed fit

Yours Obedient Subject

Ekechi Ottah Okala