BBA8: 'It's character assasination', 2shotz fires back at Beverly

By The Rainbow

The last fourteen days in the Big Brother Africa house has seen Nigeria's representative Beverly Osu go very emotional; revealing secrets she had kept hidden for years to fellow house mate/boyfriend Angelo Collins. One of which is an unending assault and battery from her ex-boyfriend; a rapper. Beverly said she was beaten black and blue repeatedly and even showed Angelo her scars… She mentioned no name but social media commentators and bloggers have done that for her …

Rapper 2shotz.
It is alleged the two were in a relationship before Beverly went into the BBA house. These commentators and bloggers swear 2shotz is the rapper Beverly was talking about. On his part, the rapper was silent over the issue ….. until now.

In a statement posted on his Facebook wall, 2Shotz has bluntly denied the allegations… calling it …character assassination.

Read his statement below…

He also tweeted… like to put out dis official DISCLAIMER dat i was NEVER engaged to d current BBA housemate BEVERLY ADA OSU…dat shit is a lie..THANX

Beverly won't hear about or read this post until she's out of the BBA house. But then, she may never respond to these post by 2shotz. She has said it's a chapter in her life she wants to close forever.