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Imo State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Dr Amanze Obi, has described those accusing Governor Ikedi Ohakim of kidnapping and other criminal acts as desperate power seekers who are looking for anything they can cling to bring the governor to disrepute.

Obi who made the remarks at the weekend in Lagos in an interaction with newsmen said it is laughable for non-existent and faceless organisation such as the one that went with the name 'Concerned Imo Citizens' to accuse the governor who is the chief security officer of the state of kidnapping.

Obi said the latest tactics is the last straw for those who have for nearly three years now, been challenging Ohakim's victory at the polls in court.

'Having failed to wrest power from the governor through the judicial process, the desperate power seekers are now wearing a new armour. The latest arsenal in their armoury is to accuse the governor of kidnapping and promoting insecurity in the state.

'But may I remind them of the fact that the security system which Ohakim has put in place in the state has remained a model which other state in the Federation are emulating. Today Imo State has the lowest crime rate in the country,' Obi said.

According to him, a chief security officer of the state whose primary responsibility is to protect lives and property in the state cannot be the same one being accused of criminality.

He said it is one thing to throw accusation at someone and another to be able to come forward and substantiate them.

'What we are saying is that those who are accusing Ohakim should be prepared to make themselves available when they are called upon to do so. It is not enough for the so-called concerned Imo Citizens to shot blue murder. They should be prepared to come up with evidence,' Obi said.

Part of the problem with Nigeria Obi sad is that people forget that the country is governed by law and order.

'In country where there is rule of law and order the right of individuals are respected, people must recognize that it is wrong to throw accusation at people just like that. Ohakim has the right to protect his name. That is why I am saying that his accusers should be prepared to come forward and defend their claims,' he snoted.