SSG Anambra State, His Take On Church And Politics

By Mazi Odera

In a recently published interview with FIDES, Hon. Oseloka H. Obaze was asked about the church's influence on politics and particularly the relationship between the Church and State in Nigeria and Anambra State. Below are the excerpts.

"The Constitution calls for the separation of church and state and the holy book advises us to give to God what is His and unto Caesar what is also his. In real terms and given the vagaries of our national politics, the Church and State must co-exist parri passu.

It is a fine line to walk, but many, including me, were born into the Catholic faith before ever embracing politics. Therefore, the things I do in life are shaped by my Christian beliefs and values, and such values serve in ensuring that any political decision or process that I am involved in, must pass the litmus test of my faith; namely, fairness, justice, equity and compassion.

Anyone in public office who does not have the fear of God is bound to fail. For now, the state and church in Anambra have a complimentary relationship that is the subject of an international study."