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The acting president, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, has been advised not to succumb to blackmail and intimidation.

Rather he should be focused and rule the country to the best of his knowledge.

Elder statesman, Chief Moses Odeh, who gave the advice yesterday in Warri, Delta State, expressed surprise why Dr Jonathan should allow himself to be rubbished by the First Lady Turai Yar 'Adua and the so- called kitchen cabinet members of President Umaru Yar'Adua.

Odeh in a chat with Daily Sun, said Jonathan should remain focused and should not allow himself to be brought to the level of the First Lady, adding that her office is quite separate from his.

'If I were the acting president, I won't even listen to her because Nigeria has to move forward. I have not seen nor heard anywhere in the world where first lady takes over the reins of governance when it is not a traditional institution. Even when a king dies, the son takes over and not the wife,' Odeh said.

He, therefore, commended the National Assembly on their effort so far in restoring dignity in our political process and before the whole world and enjoined them to continue to be sensitive to issues concerning our corporate existence.

'Nigeria is a big country and there should be no vacuum. We all love Yar'Adua because he is a good man. He did very well when he was Katsina State governor. In fact, he is a complete gentleman,' said Odeh.

He lambasted critics who are trying to make the issue of the presidency a laughing stock and advised President Yar'Adua to quietly hand over to the acting president so that Nigeria can move forward.

'The best thing to do now is to swear in Dr Jonathan as the president in full capacity and that is the only way out. But the kitchen cabinet of Mr President should know that Nigeria is bigger than them. No government lasts forever,' the elder statesman said.