Gov Fashola Kind Of San, …An Outrage For Justice

This is getting to another height; first they kidnapped or arrested Nigerians of Igbo extraction for over staying in Nigeria without a court of competence jurisdiction empowering Gov Fashola who is a SAN and should understand what is human right,but when it comes to Igbo blood ,he threw reasons and law under train tracks.

They detained them for 6 months with less food and water and no medical care whatsoever and it did not touch any part of them that this are Nigerians living in Nigeria,that when they said they wanted to go and leave in Biafra that Nigeria as a Nation shouted No.

Gov Fashola lied to Anambra liason office that they have 14 innocent people with igbo blood.

Gov Fashola said he wanted to Rid Lagos of beggars ,but he choose to start by arresting innocent Igbo people ,if he trully wants to rid Lagos of beggars,he should go to ALABA ARAGO down to OKOKO MAIKO Lagos and the boulder between the roads ,he will see more than 5,000 AWUSA BEGGARS taking permanent resident and begging for alms all through the road and not even under any cover.Kids from 1 month to old ones above 70 can be sighted sitting ,standing,sleeping and all in all begging for alms.But Awusa or beggars are not his target,his target starts with LADIPO MARKET OR IGBO BUSINESS PEOPLE GOING TO WORK and he needs to deport Ndi Igbo in Nigeria.One wonders if this is just ordinary hatered for NDI IGBO or he is carrying out another ETHNIC AGENDA ?

Fashola deported 72 Nigerians from every state and dump them at UPPER IWEKA by 3 AM without bothering to call or consider calling any person in Anambra state to witness the deportation ?,that way they may not know what was injected into the people they dumped.They dumped them by 3 am with a great hope that before day break they would,ve melted into the population and spread whatever virus they injected into them round Alaigbo.

Now the questions is ,did they inject this innocent people with some substance prior to smuggling them into Onuicha by 3 AM or when they dropped them off at Upper Iweka?.

We know it happened during the Genocide ,when Awolowo laced Red Cross assisted food relief with poison ,which started the dreaded Kwashiokor that killed over 5 million children in Biafra.

Anambra state Government should check all this NIGERIANS DEPORTED in NIGERIA to see if Lagos state Governor injected them with VIRUS OR INFECTIOUS sickness ,because his hatered for Ndi Igbo clouded his judgement.

DR Chris Ngige who is on the ground perfecting all the evils concocted by APC both Yoroba and Awusa wing ,should be arrested by Massob to come and tell what he knew about this killings .Maybe to Ngige it is all about politics ,it does,nt matter how many igbo bloods were tainted or used as political tool,as long as he prance about with swagger and without shame.

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