Gov Fashola Stylishly Threaten To Unleash Mayhem On Igbo Properties


Reading what a state Governor who is also a SENIOR ADVOCATE OF NIGERIA said ,let me quote first "

“There is too much at stake for anyone to begin to incite the Igbo community against their host state. There is too much at stake here. It is a very dangerous and unwarranted precedent. "

.....what is at stake here ?
Igbo properties located everywhere in Lagos and Yoroba land,igbo lands,igbo trading places,igbo investments that was as a spring up from the 20 pounds that Chief Awolowo punished us with after the Ethnic cleansing of 1967.

Maybe Fashola thought that what happened in 1967-1970 may repeat again and Lagos nay Yorobas will be watching from the sideline with a hope to pick the crumbs?

Maybe because Lagos was spared of such devastation and conspiracy during the pogrom and now he is euphemistically threaten the properties of Umuigbo and their lives too .

He should know that this is not 1970 and that it took less than this kind of stupid threat to get EGYPT and Libya to test the wrath of the masses.

That Umuigbo decided to be law abiding does,nt in any sense of way makes them cowards and lilliputians ,they are warriors that can hold their own turf,they can defend their lives and properties and they can give as well as take.

If he is in doubt he should check how we survived a Global conspiracy that lasted for 3 years,even when we had no friends not allies ,but we held the world for 3 years and that showed the rise of AFRICAN SUPER POWER .

The World watched when we built our Bombs,Mortars,shellings,Shock batteries,Ogbunigwe and we refined oil on a moving Tankers,build the first mobile Radio station,build the first and only MOBILE AIRPOT.All this while the British pilots were dropping Bombs in our schools and churches ,while Nigeria led by Adenkunle,Obasanjo were decimating our Young Children,while Awolowo was busy forming policies that deny alaigbo food relief.

We survived the might of the world and today we stand tall and yet Fashola is issuing threat on what he will do to us ?

We suffered a heavy loss at the hand of AWOLOWO after the genocide and we rise from the dust to glory ,this time ,we will try and balance the losses if GOV FASHOLA carry out this shielded threat.He should know that Lagos and Yoroba states are not located in the moon.

The Governor also said and i quote "According to Fashola “this is a political season and Anambra will be up for contest and in a political season, unusual things happen and perhaps we are living in an interesting times. And some of the evidence was when one see two adults kissing on television, it tells you that some things are afoot.”".....

Waooooooooooooooo does he think that by dumping this Igbo,awusa and Kogi citizens at Onitsha will give APC advantage ? ,so to Fashola it is all about politics ?,Who gave him SANship with this mindset ?

Did he call Gov Obi to address all this concern ?,he said Gov Obi did not call him ,call him as what ? when he Fashola did not equaly call Gov Obi ,unless he think he is superior to Chairman South east Governor,s forum and i will say that it is height of insult from Fashola.Maybe because of the gentle nature and maturity of Gov Obi ,can he try that with any other Governor and will not see a repercaution that will be instant ?

Gov Fashola may think that Yorobas do not have investment in Alaigbo but what he should know is that ,if you choose to slap me and expect me to slap you back ,then you are unreasonable ,because i may choose to punch your NOSE with brick ,because you drew the first blood,there is no written rules on how to fight back in times of War.

If Governor Fashola made the below interview ,he need to be removed as a Governor with effect.

Unless his plans are to make Igbo brothers in APC to see how stupid he considered them ,if he can do all this without thinking of the feeling of his fellow Party members.

If he can do all this and think that he is doing APC a favor ,then he needs to be told the truth by igbo men in APC .which will be remove Fashola from APC or PARTY WAR that is unstoppable will ensure.

Party of no Party ,Ndi igbo should know na osu imi osu anya ,oru furu ebe eji mbazu eri ibeya and he is happy should know na it is very bad mocking prison ma oyibo anaghi.

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