I Forgave DJ Tee Because He Begged Me After He Stabbed Me--TLi Soji Boi

Source: Osaremen Ehi James/Nigeriafilms.com

In 2012, popular music video director, DJ Tee was in the news for allegedly stabbing an up and coming artiste, TLi Soji Boi in ikeja, Lagos, during a music video shoot. Though the award-winning video director denied the allegation, the victim recently told First Weekly Magazine that DJ Tee later became sober and sent some people to beg him (the victim) on his behalf, which he had no choice than to agree to.

TLi Soji Boi recounted his near-death ordeal to First Weekly and how he had to forgive DJ Tee, who some allege to be a hot-tempered man, after much plea. Excerpt.

Can we know you better
I am Osungade Tolani Alvin with TLi Soji Boi as stage name and I am from Osun State.
What's the meaning of your stage name
It means To Last Internally (TLi), while Soji Boi means a sharp boy in Yoruba Language. So, it means my music will last inside you internally.

Can you tell us about your educational background
I went to Lagos Spring International School for my primary education and proceeded to Stars Comprehensive College in Ibadan for my secondary education, but finished at Florish College, Lagos after I had also attended Caleb Secondary School and Ejide Comprehensive High School in Lagos, when I moved to Lagos from Ibadan. I recently finished a diploma programme from the University of Lagos. I am presently concentrating on my career.

Would you want to be like 2Face
(General laughter) No, but musically, I want to be like 2Face. I m definitely going to further my education and study Theatre Arts abroad, but that will be after I have built a solid foundation for my music career.

Why are you not merging both
It is possible to do that, but it needs planning. I am being careful not to clash the two. I don't want to get to a situation where I will have to forgo one for the other in the future. The truth is that we up and coming artistes are busier than the A-list artistes because we are always in the studio trying hard to record songs that will put us in the limelight.

What genre of music do you do
I do Afro beat as well as Hip-Hop and rap, but I am very versatile.

Why do you think up and coming artistes grow wings after gaining fame
I believe their personalities may have caused such. I think they have already programmed their minds to do that, while coming up. A humble person will remain so even after getting fame. External influences shouldn't affect someone when he gains fame. It is basically your decision.

Are you presently signed under any label
Yes, I am presently with Dorc Records and I have about three singles on air. The first one is 'Acada', which I am shooting a video for soon. The second one is 'Gbona' and the third one is 'YISU' (Young Inspired Strong and Undefeated) which is very educative.

How do you get your inspirations
My inspirations come from God, family, the society and my pains.

Who are your role models
I look up to 2Face, Don Jazzy, MI, Wizkid, Flavour and Iyanya. I love the way they advised me when, when I met them.

How do you intend to handle fame
I already know how to handle fame because I became famous last year (2012), when I was stabbed by that popular music video director (DJ Tee). The incident gave me an idea of how to have fame. But in the areaof wealth, I don't know how it feels to be a billionaire; I will handle it when I get to that bridge. I am already planning towards that.

Unfortunately, I will take you back to that 2012 incident, how was the experience like
It wasn't easy because the press were after me to get my own side of the story even when I was in the hospital and was in a near-death situation. The doctors were great and treated me and got me back to life because I was already struggling to breathe.

What is the situation now on the issue
It is cool now, I decided not to make noise on the issue since DJ Tee apologized and I have forgiven him because he was remorseful. He even paid part of my physio-therapy bills. I did the physio for six months. He promised to guarantee my protection.

Do you now have bodyguards
No, I don't believe in moving about with bodyguards. There used to be a time I hardly go out without people coming to meet me to ask about the incident. I had to stop going out at a time.

Do you have plans to make him shoot any of your music video
No, but I am not blocking any such opportunity if it comes. I just see him as a brother and friend. The incident only brought us together. It is my joy to let the world know that I have forgiven him.

What did you take away from the incident
I learnt that anybody can make mistake, though I am not saying he (DJ Tee) made a mistake by stabbing me. Also, I learnt that anything can happen to anybody.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years
I hope to have become a big artiste and win the Grammys for Nigeria, I am too sure of that.

What message do you have for your fans
I just want to thank them for supporting me. I also want to thank my parents who have really supported me. I am also thanking my sisters (Bolaji and Anu), my brother (Mr Ideal), my friends and my label for supporting me. My advice to everybody is to stay away from drugs.

Culled from First Weekly Magazine.