The Lagos State PDP has described the PDP as the only "Almighty Political Party"

By Lagos PDP

The Lagos State PDP has described the PDP as the only "Almighty Political Party" in Africa just as it congratulates one of her own, Prince Remi Akitoye, who has just emerged as the Party's acting National Secretary.

The eulogy and congratulations are coming on the heels of the Party's ability to resolve the myriad of legal, administrative and leadership problems erstwhile plaguing the party and which almost crumbled the great party, especially in the last three weeks.

"This repeated resolution of burning issues in the Party has vindicated our stance that PDP is truly a one Family that is Big, Strong and Reliable"

The State Chapter of the party expects that the National leadership will consolidate this monumental success by bringing on board the best hands to manage the party to victory in the 2015 general elections.

It counselled aggrieved members within the party to explore the Party's internal reconciliation machinery rather than developing loyalty to opposition parties that are not even near PDP in internal democracy and collegiate leadership.

"We also expect that by this brilliant success, the opposition leaders in the country, especially under the APC formation should swallow their ego pie and admit the superiority of PDP in group democracy, observance of Rule of Law and humility to accept criticisms"

Finally, the party states that PDP remains the best for the country at this time.

Lagos PDP