African countries migration may have some mutual advantages but most people would rather stay within their comfortable zones. Looking deeper, it seems to benefit America and Europe more than it does Africa. In those days African were taken into slave ships, today most Africans in the United States and Europe saved all their life and borrowed money to fly there in Boeing 747 planes. Africans' long line for visas is embarrassing.

Let us face it, most Africans would rather live in their own countries like the Americans and European but they have become economic refugees. Right now migration from and to USA by Mexicans is at net zero. Indeed, the amount of African immigrants compared to other countries is low. Though the world economic recession has heightened the fear of Americans on immigrants coming in to take jobs, the jobs have no need for passports.

Black Americans were told they were the lucky ones rescued from diseases and poverty rampant in Africa today and they should be grateful to be brought to the new world in chains to escape. Anyone that still believes that today must be ignorant and uninformed with all the materials available. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder as African Americans free labor created projectile economy. It is the turn of Hispanics cheap labor.

Immigrants are still painted more or less the same way today. Going by debate going on in United States about the new Immigration Bill, Republicans want temporary second class migrant workers that can be used, paid minimum wage, pay taxes and dumped back to their countries without pension or social security. Heritage Foundation always comes up with prejudiced reports during immigration debates espousing this view.

The last report that came out, painted immigrants as economic liabilities coming to take advantage of the social system. The report was discredited based on its unpalatable painting of otherwise hard working people willing to earn a living by the sweat from their brows, especially the Hispanics mostly from Mexico. Even the illegal migrants paid taxes without collecting any benefits.

'The Heritage Foundation has lived up to its reputation of coming out with report whenever immigration debate is on and always looking for ways to kill it. Their report is that it will cost the taxpayers about 6 trillion dollars to legalize 11 million immigrants already in the Country. Of course, the analysis is one sided adding up social without economic cost each immigrant put into their communities. Not even the contributions of their children shouldering social security.' here: quoting from past article.

One of the dire disadvantages developed countries have is increasing aging population without young people to support and care for them by paying taxes and making social security contributions. They need immigrants to fill this void than they are willing to accept. Almost half of the highly skill young people in their universities are foreigners that could go back to their individual comfort zones in Asia, South America and Africa.

Another report just came out from the bipartisan Congressional Budget Committee noting the need for young immigrants and their economic contribution to the tune of 200 billion dollars and more over a decade reducing US deficit. This report will be taken apart by rival groups looking for what they like and dislike. The fact is immigration will benefit United States more than benefit the countries loosing talents. See new Report.

Is it brain or money drain? The amount of money sent by African immigrants to Africa goes a long way to cater for relatives that should have been provided for by their own countries. Unfortunately, the amounts stolen out by the African leaders dwarf and neutralize the sweat of these immigrants. The same amount of money that could have been utilized to develop basic and critical infrastructure for economic take off.

Are Africans better off than they were in Africa? Most Africans in Europe and America did not leave their countries to become dependent. They work harder, make success out of themselves and their children. If they were better off in Africa as their politicians ostentatiously display in Dubai, Europe and America, why are so many Africans dying to migrate at any cost and not going back after their studies like they used to.

The way the immigration is being debated in both United States Senate and House of Representative is to deny immigrants social and economic benefit for as many years as possible while contributing to the system. It will take about 13 years to become citizen before all the new immigrants can be eligible for benefits. The point is that it will deter future immigrants from coming in hoping they will get amnesty at some point.

One important factor that is not taken into consideration is that the anger against immigrants is misplaced. Rich and successful businesses have placed profit and self interest above the well being of workers. Jobs do not need passports as they can be taken to where there is cheap labor. They have learned to go to Asia produce gadgets cheaply and sell them for whatever price they can get anywhere.

Productivity of workers has gone up but their wages remain stagnant over a decade or more. At the same time fewer people are becoming richer while good manufacturing well paying jobs are disappearing. By refusing to share profit with workers and breaking unions that negotiate for them, the number of middleclass has gone down. Decreasing middle class wage has delayed job recovery worldwide, while Wall Street stocks go up.

Even worse is the growing number of young men and women whose generation has either missed being gainfully employed or underemployed. More of them are staying longer at home if they have parents that have not either lost their jobs or homes. So many of them are postponing marriage because they do not want to start a family they cannot take care of. Without children or immigrants there is no social security support.

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