2015: Alliance with North not good for Yoruba -Oodua coalition

By The Rainbow

A coalition of self-determination groups in Yorubaland, under the aegis of O'Odua Nationalist Coalition (ONAC),warned on Wednesday that  the political marriage  between the Hausa-Fulani North and the Yoruba of the South West would not t help the Yoruba's quest for restructuring of the Nigerian polity.

The group, in a statement by its Assistant Publicity Secretary, Mr Ayoola Ajayi, insisted that any alliance between the conservative Hausa-Fulani and the progressive Yorubas of the South West ahead of the 2015 elections could only benefit the North.

The group said that in the statement that the Nigerian 'garrison' must be restructured to ensure self-determination and resource control by ethnic nationalities.

According to the group,  rather than support the northern bid to return to power, the Yoruba should sponsor General Alani Akinrinade as a presidential hopeful in 2015.

The  group said that the Yoruba's great thinker, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, did not at any time contemplate an alliance with the north because he knew it would be counterproductive.

It said: 'The alliance of the Yoruba people should be with progressive and pro-restructuring forces in the middle-belt, the South-South and the South-East.' 'The Hausa-Fulani North will forever repel any attempt to restructure Nigeria. Our alliance should not be with feudalists. Any alliance with the Taliban will be ferociously repelled by the Yoruba population. ONAC will embark on a house-to house campaign against the Talibanisation of the South West.'