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Why are there so many broken homes these days? Even most that manage to live together just do so for neighbours' sake.

Me thinks the Nigerian woman has lost everything African. Technology has impaired all senses of decency in our women! Just watch the pictures some of them post here!

In those days when women were what they are supposed to be, how many divorce cases were heard of? When a woman called her husband Nna anyi(My lord), when she never ate things like fowl's gizzard, etc.. but today, how many men get to see gizzard in their plate of food whenever a full chicken get slaughtered for dinner?

Today, a woman that is not supposed to cross gutters jumps over them simply because she goes on pairs of trousers all year long! Even common ofe akwu is being tinned...pounded yam comes ready-made and when it threatens to infringe, fast foods suffice!

What is the value of a woman's contributions in a home if it will joepardise the control God commanded a man should have at all times?

The world is evolving, sure but what is the ultimate in life? Having and knowing everything or just simply to be happy? My father, God bless his soul, never left my town for any greener pastures but evidences are clear that, at my age, he was many times happier than I am today despite his lack of the so-called knowledge and civilization I fool myself with.

Believe me, ignorance is a blessing. You sleep soundly without having to worry, like Sir Isaac Newton, why an apple fell from its mother tree. In that innocent reasoning that any ripe apple should fall, one shouldn't have bothered about gravity or the complex equations that came with it. That's why a child is always happier than an adult

Uwa e mebigo!

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