First Ever Medical Professional To Win The Award

By Theodora Ibekwe

Dr Kem (Nkem) Thompson, a General Practitioner based in North London, has just been awarded the 'Motivational Speaker of The Year Award' at the 2013 Women4Africa Awards which took place at the Kensington Town Hall

The Women 4 Africa Awards recognises and celebrates Outstanding UK-Based African women in various categories, whose efforts have positively impacted the community.

Dr Thompson was being recognized for her various Health-based Motivational talks that she delivered during the previous year in various communities, which each received rave reviews, with attendees asking for more. Audiences love Dr Kem's fresh, no-nonsense yet non-judgemental approach to the topics she covers, and they leave empowered with practical tools they can use to improve their health.

She is becoming widely known as “the” doctor to talk to if you wish to come off medication for such chronic illnesses as Diabetes (type 2) and Hypertension, and if you wish to cultivate healthy lifestyle habits to manage your weight safely. Her no-bull, down-to-earth approach gets her invited back for more presentations.

Dr Thompson's passion is obvious when she speaks, and this is what keeps her audiences rivetted.

Accepting the speech in absentia, Dr Kem as she is fondly known, said “"I wish to first give all thanks and praise to my heavenly Father YAHUAH who has given me every good gift I possess. Thank you to everyone whose input has contributed to my winning this award, special mention to multiple awards winning Dayo Olomu for his unique role in the process. I'd like everyone here to know this: if you have a desire or dream in your heart, know that it's been put in there by your Maker, and with it, He's give you the ability to make it come true. So feed your dream, nurture it, go for it with all you've got - and at the right time, you WILL see the fruits of your efforts. You've got what it takes to make it and you WILL succeed if you don't give up! Thank you!”

Dr Kem is not your average medic. She's also a prolific writer, having been published widely in both online and offline media, has published a book on inspirational principles for women, and is working on a health-related inspirational book at the moment. She walks her talk and overcame breast cancer in 2011 using the principles she is so passionate about sharing with her audiences.

She said: “I'm thrilled to have won this award. I hope it opens doors for me to reach a wider audience with my message of Positive Personal Proactive HealthCare (aka don't just sit there, DO SOMETHING about your own health!), because from my day job, I see that it's a message that's sorely needed today.”