President Mugabe, Aides Sleep Off At AU Summit

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President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, 89, was recently at the 2013 African Union of Heads of State Summit held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia precisely May 19 - 27, 2013.The amusing part of the 21st summit is that, where all the leaders of Africa teemed to deliberate on possible ways of Africa getting it right and how to tackle poverty, find lasting solutions to problems of Africa in food production, eradicating of the AIDS scourge, terrorism, among other burning issues.

President Mugabe who has ruled Zimbabwe for several years tuned to sleeping mood and doused off completely. Since his assumption of office in 31st December 1987 as President, the Octogenarian has no intention of relinquishing power but prefers to sleep over whatever problems Africa is faced with.

For how long do our African leaders want to continue to make the African continent and her people the butt of joke to the international community?

When the veteran 'warlord' is asleep when the battle is so fierce, obviously, the other soldiers are fighting a lost battle.

There are many sleeping dinosaurs like Mugabe roaming about Africa's political landscape; these are the people that have really caused the continent to be sleeping in all ramifications.

If you look at this picture closely, you will notice that not only is the president sleeping, his entire crew too ported to sleeping mood; these are people employed to ensure that the boss make meaningful contribution to issues brought before African leaders.

The question here is, since when has the African Union of Heads of State Summit become a sleeping parley, if the president and his entire cabinet are a group of sleepers, what becomes of the nation they represent?

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